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2016-2018 Ford Focus RS Rear License Plate Bracket (3D Printed)


This is a new variation on our previously machined aluminum brackets.

This revised [3D printed] bracket is printed from PETG, and is significantly lighter than our original aluminum version. Will you be able to bludgeon a large predator into submission with this one? Probably not. But it is plenty strong enough for its intended purpose and still solves the problem that the original bracket was intended to address: preventing the screws from being driven into the hatch and scratching your paint.

You will reuse your OEM bracket-to-car countersink flat head screws, but we now include 1/4-20x3/8 stainless steel screws for mounting your plate to the bracket. If you are using a plate frame, the included screws may not be long enough.

We can also add a little bit a color to the logo if you'd like! Currently offering blue and red.

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