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EDC Keychain / Bottle Opener / Bit Driver Wrench / Screwdriver / Prybar


This EDC-style keychain is designed, machined, engraved, and finished 100% in-house. Similar to others of this style, it features a pry bar (which can also be used as a flat head screwdriver), a bottle opener, and a 0.25" hex wrench. We apply the finishing touches to *both* sides of the keychain so that it looks professional from every angle.

It measures 3" long x 0.75" wide x 0.18" thick, and we offer it in 304 Stainless, Grade 5 Titanium, and Moku-Ti!


** Please note: The Mokuti version is pre-drilled for tritium. If you purchase this version, I will contact you after the sale is complete with details on color, etc.

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