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2016-2018 Focus RS Aluminum Center Console Tray v1.0


Our new center console tray for the MK3 Focus RS is designed to be a direct drop-in replacement for the flimsy plastic/rubber tray that comes with the car. This is geared towards those folks who have problems with the OEM tray deforming, bowing, or collapsing. Designed in-house and machined from 6061 aluminum, our version is strong as hell and built to last. All trays are anodized black for appearance and maximum durability.

The v1.0 tray is slightly deeper than the OEM tray at 0.5".

Customer Reviews

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Simeon Trewenack
Awesome as always.

Every product that comes out of this little CNC shop is tremendous quality and fits perfectly. I've placed a very thin rubber matt cut to exactly the same shape as a base to alleviate movement. A1

Paul B

Very impressed with the build quality. I think the tray sits slightly deeper than the OEM, and doesn't flex or deform like the original. I can fit a roll of quarters in this tray fine. The fit is very good, with very little play.

The only downside is that coins can rattle (rarely) now since this is metal and not soft like the OEM version.

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