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2016-2018 Focus RS Aluminum Center Console Tray v2.0

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Introducing our v2.0 center console tray for the MK3 Focus RS! We took customer feedback from the v1.0 tray and made a few dimensional revisions: v2.0 is 3/4" deep, and the rear corner cutout has been replaced with a slot in the floor.

Like its little brother, this revised tray is designed to be a direct drop-in replacement for the flimsy plastic/rubber tray that comes with the car. Geared towards those who have had issues with the OEM tray buckling or deforming, our tray is CNC machined in-house from aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum billet, and is anodized black for appearance and maximum durability.



* Note: Due to the slight taper of the interior of the console, the v2.0 tray will fit much more snugly than the v1.0 tray. 


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