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Ford Focus RS / ST Shift Bushings v1.0 (Transmission Set)

Ford Focus RS / ST Shift Bushings v1.0 (Transmission Set)

$19.99 $28.00


We found a few of our V1 bushings left during a recent shop deep clean.


Our CNC machined bushings are designed to be a "drop-in" replacement for the OEM sleeve-in-rubber units on both the Focus RS and the ST. The factory cable bracket that bolts to the transmission has a little bit of 'give', which leads to sloppier-feeling shifts. These solid bushings will help to alleviate that problem.


Machined from 6061 aluminum and then anodized black, they are corrosion resistant and are built to last. Each 'set' includes 3 complete bushings.


**Installation Note: These bushings will require a bit of adhesive to hold together while you put the bracket back on the transmission. We recommend using hot glue for this.

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