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['Factory' Second] Tritium-Ready HDS EDC Flashlight Bezel


 These bezels are 'seconds' - they are functionally perfect, but the tritium slots are not perfectly centered between the crenelations. Sold as-is with NO refunds or returns, we are offering these to those folks who want tritium functionality at a discount.


Our replacement bezels are CNC machined in-house and are a direct fit for all models with ACME threads. They feature 6 separate slots, evenly spaced around the circumference that will each fit a 1.5x6mm tritium vial. [Tritium NOT included... sorry.]

The outer lens cushion will be pre-installed in the bezel, but both O-rings that sandwich the lens will need to be reused and swapped over to the new bezel. Instructions for the procedure are listed on the HDS Systems FAQ page, here.



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