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2016-2018 Ford Focus RS Rear License Plate Bracket

2016-2018 Ford Focus RS Rear License Plate Bracket


This is a 3D printed variation on our previously machined aluminum brackets.

These newly revised brackets are available in several different plastics: PETG (which is our basic offering), ASA (which is an excellent mid-tier option), and carbon fiber-reinforced nylon (which is a premium upgrade.) They are significantly lighter than our original aluminum version, and while not quite as beefy, they are plenty strong enough for their intended purpose and still solve the problem that the original bracket was intended to address: preventing the screws from being driven into the hatch and scratching your paint.

You will reuse your OEM bracket-to-car countersink flat head screws, but we now include 1/4-20x3/8 stainless steel screws for mounting your plate TO the bracket. If you are using a plate frame, the included screws may not be long enough and you might need to source longer ones from your local hardware store.

Custom logos are also available! Get in touch with us before purchase.

Ships for FREE in the USA!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Fits the car perfectly.
Machine work is second to none. Anodizing-perfect. What else can I say. Worth every penny. Well done.

Can I give it more than 5 stars?!

Too bad that I cannot post pics on this fine product mounted on my RS. Very solid unit. Helps protect on scratching the paint on the license plate screws.
The only thing bad about this product is I only see it once a year, when I need to put my new registration sticker.

Great, much-needed replacement

I went to add a smoke license plate cover to my rear license plate. The horrible screws that the dealership included for the bracket to attach the plate chewed away at the plastic inside the threaded holes on the factory bracket.

I'd seen others highly recommend this product before, so I knew immediately what I needed. Ordered it, checked in with Chris to see when he anticipated orders to fulfill (as the store said they were Pre-Order), and he emailed back within minutes at about 10pm on a weeknight.

Well, it was worth the wait. The product was even better quality than I expected. What's said on the website is true, where the included screws aren't long enough to also attach a frame or cover.

For those who also have that issue, I headed to Home Depot and bought four 1/4-20 panhead hex machine screws which were 3/8" in length, and they were perfect.

Thanks again Chris!

Dave Gates

Dealer wrecked the factory one when they put on my plate, and wrecked the paint.
This is a beautiful piece and if you need it, buy it. Wish I would have bought more things from here when they were still in stock.
Thanks Chris

Bradley Z
Got it today, fixes the problem ford made

The euro plate bracket on my RS is garbage. Can't put a cover on at all. I wanted a backup before i tried drilling and tapping it but was sent over to this site instead. Spent a few bucks and got a better quality bracket that I didn't need to drill into. Just bolted right up and fixed the issue ford gave these expensive cars

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