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2016-2018 Ford Focus RS Rear License Plate Bracket


Our license plate bracket is designed to replace the flimsy plastic unit that Ford included with the US-spec MK3 Focus RS. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, our bracket will not bend or flex, effectively eliminating any concern of paint scratches from bracket-on-paint contact. When used with our fastening hardware, there is no risk of driving a screw into the paint, which has been a huge problem for RS owners. Additionally, when snugged down with an appropriate amount of force there's no risk of stripping out the holes either.

You will reuse your OEM bracket-to-car screws.

* Please note: we chose our screws carefully so that they don't extend past the back of the bracket when used with only a license plate. If you are using a license plate frame, our fasteners may not be long enough to thread into the bracket to secure everything properly. All four plate-to-bracket mounting holes are tapped with 1/4-20 threads if you need to source longer or custom screws for a plate frame or plate cover.

** Want it customized? We now offer in-house laser engraving! If you want something custom etched onto the face of your bracket (VIN number, screenname, your favorite poem, whatever), check the box to add customization before adding to your cart. We will contact you after purchase to discuss.


Version currently in production: v1.4.

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