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2016-2017 Ford Focus RS Rear License Plate Bracket


Our license plate bracket is designed to replace the flimsy plastic unit that Ford included with the US-spec MK3 Focus RS. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, our bracket will not bend or flex, effectively eliminating any concern of paint scratches from bracket-on-paint contact. When used with our fastening hardware, there is no risk of driving a screw into the paint, which has been a huge problem for RS owners. Additionally, when snugged down with an appropriate amount of force there's no risk of stripping out the holes either.


You will reuse your OEM bracket-to-car screws.


** Please note: we chose our screws carefully so that they don't extend past the back of the bracket when used with only a license plate. If you are using a license plate frame, our fasteners may not be long enough to thread into the bracket to secure everything properly. All four plate-to-bracket mounting holes are tapped with 1/4-20 threads if you need to source longer or custom screws for a plate frame or plate cover.


Additional Information:  The 'as-machined' brackets are raw aluminum. We strongly encourage [if you are buying this option] to coat your bracket with something to protect it from corrosion prior to installing it on your car. Plastidip works well for this.


Version currently in production: v1.4.

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