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2008 - 2013 Silverado / Sierra Gas Pedal Spacer

2008 - 2013 Silverado / Sierra Gas Pedal Spacer

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Our 3D printed accelerator pedal spacer for the GMT900 series pickup trucks is designed to improve the comfort and safety of your drive by bringing the pedal closer to the driver's seat. 

This provides a couple added benefits:

- Shorter reach to the brake pedal; your foot doesn't have to move quite as far to step on the brakes in situations where you need to stop quickly.

- An improved seating position; by narrowing the fore-to-aft positional discrepancy between the gas and brake pedals, you no longer have to compromise [as much] on where to put the driver's seat in order to comfortably reach both pedals.


The spacer includes all of the necessary stainless steel mounting hardware, along with instructions. Installs in minutes, and is easily removable.


Ships for FREE in the USA.

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