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2016-2018 Ford Focus RS Gas Pedal Spacer

2016-2018 Ford Focus RS Gas Pedal Spacer

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This is a new 3D printed variation on our previously machined aluminum spacers.

Our accelerator pedal spacer for the 2016-2018 Ford Focus RS is designed to make your heel-toe downshifting efforts a heck of a lot easier. Ford did a good job with the relative brake-to-gas pedal spacing on the RS compared to the early model Focus STs, but it's still not quite ideal. This will remedy that problem.

Since these are printed [from PETG] instead of machined, we can make them at any thickness up to 3/8". Our recommendation is 3/8", as we feel that this is the Goldilocks zone.

You will reuse your factory mounting nuts, and no modification of the pedal or your car is required.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Matt Gregory
Great spacer!

Got this for my 2016 Focus SE. I put it on within seconds after the package arrived.
For daily driving, it is very comfortable. When appling my brakes, the gas pedal is around equal height. Making a smoother transition between braking and accelerating, and vice versa. The matte anodizing has a really nice feel and blends in with the plastic pieces.
Thanks for the great product!

Totally worth it and easy install!

Probably the easiest mod so far on the car. Two nuts and 5 minutes later and you're set. The pedal position is much improved over stock! Grab this, the license plate adapter, and the shift bushings and you'll be set. The trays are super useful too.

honest review

I wanted to test another one because for me this one is slightly not high enough so I removed the super easy to install littlecncshop spacer and tried the giant 3.5x higher cjpony one...omg ! not only was it a pain to install but I don't understand why someone tought it was a good idea to have the gas pedal so high, it's insane, without touching the brake the accelerator is at the same height if not higher than the brakes making it almost impossible to not hit the accelerator by mistake and reversing the problem in much worse, it didn't last 10min in my car, I'm now back on mylittlecncshop one and much happier also this one is lighter, more stable and the build quality is way superior, the bevels and coating are top notch buy your spacer here !

Eric Wynn
Worth the buy!

Although it not a horsepower adding mod, it’s one of my favorite ones. The stock position of the gas pedal just sucks. Took me 5 minutes to install an only 5 minutes of driving to Love the new feel. Heel-Toe is a breeze now an it’s no long uncomfortable to go full throttle. Product quality is amazing an it’s cheaper then most other aluminum spacers. Then the customer service I worked with was by far one of the best ones yet! Strongly recommend getting this product an other products from this place!

J. Sanders
Great Product. Easy Install with the right tools.

Excellent quality. Really easy to install as long as you have a deep 10mm socket, but can be done with a short one if you are insane like me or a professional contortionist. Like the other's have stated, it raises the pedal just enough to make those throttle blips a bit more comfortable for daily/spirited driving.