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Blemished BMW Rear License Plate Bracket

Blemished BMW Rear License Plate Bracket

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*** This is a BLEMISHED product -- meaning that while it is still 100% functional, but does not meet our standards for visual quality. Hiccups occur in manufacturing all the time, and we are no exception. These brackets will likely have scratches, scrapes, bruises, layer shifts or other visually unappealing aspects but still pass their stress and function tests. **


We've taken the design of our rear license plate bracket from the Focus RS and adapted it to fit various BMW models! These are available in several different plastics: PETG (which is our basic offering), ASA (which is an excellent mid-tier option), and carbon fiber-reinforced nylon (which is a premium upgrade.) They are significantly lighter than our original aluminum version, and while not quite as beefy, they are plenty strong enough for their intended purpose.

All brackets come standard with new ultra corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel screws for mounting the bracket to your car, in addition to screws to attach your plate to the bracket.

** Blemished products are not returnable. Please confirm fitment and details before ordering. **

Ships for FREE in the USA!

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