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GR Supra Rear License Plate Bracket

GR Supra Rear License Plate Bracket


This is a 3D printed variation on our previously machined aluminum brackets.

This revised bracket is available in several different plastics: PETG (which is our basic offering), ASA (which is an excellent mid-tier option), and carbon fiber-reinforced nylon (which is a premium upgrade.) They are significantly lighter than our original aluminum version, and while not quite as beefy, they are plenty strong enough for their intended purpose. Will you be able to bludgeon a large predator into submission with this one? Probably not. But it is plenty strong enough for its intended purpose and still solves the problem that the original bracket was intended to address: preventing the screws from being driven into the hatch and scratching your paint.

Included with the bracket are replacement stainless screws and washers for mounting the bracket to your Supra, along with stainless M6 buttonheads for attaching your plate to the bracket.


Ships for FREE in the USA!

** Custom logos are also available! Get in touch with us before purchase. **